Annual Dinner 2018

November 16, 2017

(Coatesville, PA)- The Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce hosted it’s Annual Dinner at the Coatesville Country Club with the resounding theme of Built To Last. The theme advanced throughout the night in the form of awards and commendations, Chamber highlights, and objectives for future growth.

To start off the night, President Mike Guyer expressed that the members of Western Chester County
Chamber of Commerce are truely the epitome of Built to Last. Donna McCorkle, President Elect, stated the awards for the night are recognition of individuals who give back to the community and the Chamber. She also reinstated WCCCC Vision; to create a thriving region that is well connected, innovative and accessible for community and business growth. Two important awards were presented and citations awarded by Commissioner Terence Farrell, Don Vymazal from Senator Dinnimans’ Office, and Amber Little from
Representative Harry Lewis’ Office.

The Chamber was proud to present Robert (Bob) Beggs with the Joseph G. Filoromo, Jr. Community Service Award. Bob has served Good Works as its Executive Director since 2014 and as a volunteer Operations Director for more than 26 years. “ Coatesville is a strong community. It was built to last and from my
perspective, it feels like this city is on the brink of revival. A revival that hinges on three facets: urban revival, economic revival, and spiritual revival. We need to enure it is being done in a way that is good for everyone.”

Good Works, a Christian nonprofit organization has restored lives by repairing homes for low-income families for over a quarter of a century. Since Bob has assumed the helm, Good Works has grown its territory with plans to expand beyond Chester County in 2017. Bob attributes the growth to the staff and volunteers on the frontlines. Bob recognized Repair Supervisor, Joe Lisowski as an integral contributor for restoring hope for 200 families in the community.

A surprise turn to the night was the announcement of the awardee of the Elliott R. Jones Award. The award is granted to a candidate who has contributed services in making WCCCC a viable organization. The big question raised by Past President, Jonathan Wright was, “What would Bill Shaw do?” The Chamber was proud to present the Elliott R. Jones Award to Bill Shaw, Executive Director of Life Transforming Ministries.

Bill expressed his gratitude through a reflection of his experiences; “This region is where I was raised, and where I continue to work. Through the WCCCC I have seen so many businesses and people who put their lives, their purpose, and their calling into their work. We celebrate the power of free markets to make a lot of money, because they do that better than anything else, but when you combine that power with an ethic of first class customer service and providing an excellent product at a fair price, then you have a recipe for the kinds of things I am honored to be associated with through this chamber.”

The ceremony came to conclusion with Past President, John H. Lymberis presenting Board President Mike Guyer with the President’s plaque.

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