To be given annually by the Western Chester Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Dinner. Shall be given annually, if the special committee deems someone (or more)* worthy of such recognition. Physical award shall be same or similar to those given in 1979, purchased through the auspices of Luken’s Steel Corporation. Recipient must satisfy the requirements of significant community service as typified by Joseph G. Filoroma, Jr.;

□ unselfish dedication

□ having affected a positive image of the Coatesville area

□ demonstrated creative and contributing leadership

□ services far and beyond any call of duty

□ be of worthy moral - personal - and democratic character

□ respective of all peoples

□ tireless against odds

□ optimistic and futuristic in fact and philosophy

□ possess the strength of humility

□ overtly committed to doing the good things - for the many.

Selection by a special annual committee of at least three members of the Executive Committee, but, final approval for awarding a matter of majority approval of those attending a meeting of the Executive Committee at which time the topic is brought up for discussion. *Amendment: Someone (or more), a business or organization worthy of such recognition. Proposed by Samuel DeSimone March 20, 1979 & First award given in 1979 History of Joseph G. Filoromo, Jr.


Community Service Award Winners 

1979 Elliott R. Jones

1979 Theodore R. Layton

1980   Lukens Steel

1980   Philadelphia Electric Co.

1981   The RECORD

1982   Coatesville Police Dept.

1982   Coatesville VA Medical Center

1983   Dr. Daniel Lee

1984   Ellis E. Stern, Jr.

1985   William R. Fischer, Jr.

1986   Rotary Club of Coatesville

1987   Charles L. Huston, III

1988   Coatesville Area Jaycees

1989  Kenneth M. Rozelsky

1990  Robert Horne

1991    Robert A. Watterson

1992    Coatesville Bureau of Fire  

1993    W.C. (Bud) Adams  

1994    Coatesville Area School District  

1995    Operation Thanksgiving/Christmas  

1996    Good Works, Inc.  

1997    Minnie McNeil

1998    Stewart Huston Charitable Trust

1999    Chester County Branch, Association for The Blind

2002    Coatesville Christmas Parade

2003    Dr. William T. Grier, Chaplin

2004    Greg DePedro

2005    Al Eastburn

2006    Jack Crans

2007    William Chertok

2007    Brandywine Health Foundation

2008    Gary W. Smith

2009   Tony Scalies
2010   Graystone Society

2011   Ramona Pluck

2012   Frances Sheehan

2013   Donna Horvath

2014  Fred Breuninger and Chip Breuninger

2015   John Pawlowski

2016   Citadel

2017   Robert (Bob) Beggs