City of Coatesville Update 2020

City Manager James Logan stated that recently Coatesville has been very present in local news sources and that these articles have really assisted the city in progressing forward.

He  discussed the importance of diversity, inclusion and transparency as we move our communities forward after a year where the Black Lives movement has brought forward concerns in our society. These issues affect the way organizations operate and these issues are at our front door. He expressed that our residents want to know what we’re doing to address these issues which speaks to the change needed in the way we do business and the way we govern our communities. One of the projects Coatesville has done is to begin to look at these issues very intently and partner with others to develop programs that will help the community grow together. 

He said, “I encourage all municipal leaders to open the doors and invite residents in to see what you’re doing. When we become more transparent, we certainly will move in a good direction.” 

Coatesville has multiple opportunity zone projects going on at the moment, including NTH Solutions owned by Susan Springsteen on 190 west Lincoln Highway.  NTH Solutions is a light manufacturing, tech company and incubator accelerator. 

Activated Capital is conducting 5 different projects that touch on revitalizing existing buildings, open space and residential projects. 

The train station project on 3rd, 4th and Fleetwood, expects contracts to be signed by the end of 2020 with construction beginning in the end of 2021. 

2nd Century Alliance held 4 successful Opportunity Zone symposiums to provide investors with insight on prospective opportunities in the City. 

Chip Huston has been assigned the position of 

Assistant City Manager. 

James stated that Coatesville is rising and thanked the many individuals in the room for being very supportive of what they’re doing in the city.

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