Letter from Chamber President

Letter from the President – Alissa Griffith of Quik-Stop Pharmacy

When 2020 began we all had such high expectation for a new and prosperous decade.  None of us could have imagined that in 10 short weeks our lives would be dramatically changed forever.  Our last official gathering took place on March 12th at the Midway Arts ribbon cutting.  We had a fantastic turnout and there were only whispers of “social distancing.”  Now, many of our friends and neighbors are concerned not only about their health but the health of their businesses and futures.  

The Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce provides resources to assist you in navigating this unfortunate situation. We turn to one another during these uncertain times for information and support .  WCCCC has been keeping our members updated with resources and assistance to continue business operations and survive as well as updates on changes of our members.  As always, non- profits, businesses and individuals have all stepped up to help our community.  They are supplying donations, money, and volunteering their time. It is our members commitment to its community that makes us so strong.

This too shall pass, and we will emerge better than ever.  I’m confident that by standing together and supporting each other this year will end with the same prosperity in which it started. The game may have changed but the players have not.

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