Parkesburg Borough Update 2020

The borough will celebrate its 150th year anniversary in 2022 and plan to host a celebration with the historical commission as well as local businesses. 

They recently adopted a new revitalization plan with the Chester County Planning Commission. This new plan incorporates the walking trail expansion from Exton to Parkesburg and through to Atglen Borough. 

Parkesburg has also conducted various infrastructure updates including new sidewalks and streetlamps as well as working on a plan for train station updates and reconstruction of the West End bridge. 

Several businesses opened in the borough in 2020 including Planet Fitness and a Reiki

Clinic. A coffee shop is projected to open across the street from the borough building and a sportsman shop is in the works as well. 

The South Eastern Pennsylvania Baseball Association named Parkesburg as their home field with 50 plus teams in the league. The league hosts a large volume of tournaments throughout the year. Parkesburg is a historical town, derived from a steel company that had the Parkesburg Ironmen baseball team; this has inspired the borough to restore the original field (at – park) of the ironmen team by 2022. 

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