Tips for Remote Workspaces

Individualization is important in remote work as each team member is different.

As our community adapts to a different way of life, businesses and employees can continue productivity with some proactive and creative work methods. Firstly it is important for leaders to engage team members on sharing their concerns about remote workflow and their emotional response to the situation.

Here are a few tips that may help teams work together:

Creating a routine is a solid foundation for working from home. It is important for you to distinguish between work and home and can do this by setting up and designating a workspace.

Over-communicate with your team – be social! This is key to not only keeping the lines of communication flowing but also to achieve a level of normalcy and well-being.

Tools to use: Google Docs / Hangouts / Skype / Zoom

Make it a habit to dial or go online for virtual meetings at least 5 minutes early to remedy any connection issues.  Video conferences are a plus, face to face interaction helps to alleviate isolation.

It helps to plan an agenda for virtual meetings and share it in advanced for those joining. After a virtual meeting, send out an overview of the topics discussed and the future goals or next steps.

Remember, working remotely in this uncertain time is foreign to many employees, take an extra few moments on work calls to ask how others are doing.

Employees should develop goals and a to-do list every morning before sitting down to work. Employers should set expectations that are clear & concise.

Employees can set up goals and apply it to a time schedule. For example, plan to complete “this and that” by lunch. Employers should continue to check in on progress and inquire on any challenges or issues and possible solutions needed (once again, a strong line of communication). Stick to set deadlines and expectations.

Take breaks and make it a point to apply physical activity to relieve stress. At work, our days are often broken up by meetings or trips to the copier. Make sure you are standing up and moving in between tasks.

While COVID-19 won’t be an issue forever, remote work will be. What you learn about leading a remote workforce now will likely become best practice for your company later on.

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