West Bradford Township Update


West Bradford Township Justin Yaich Township manager announced that his community has settled all pending litigation on the former Embreville hospital complex as of October 2019. They have acquired the 200+ site which will utilize 50 acres for active recreation and 150 acres of passive preserves. The township was successful in acquiring 5 million in funding from Chester County and are currently looking to acquire 1.5 million from the federal land and water fund. In 2021 they will begin the process of planning for future use of the complex. Currently, West Bradford is negotiating 178 acres on Ground Hog College Road; once that is complete the township will have preserved 500 acres that border the Chesland Preserve. These preservation efforts are important to the township in order to preserve as much as possible for future generations. The recent historically low interest rates allowed the township to refinance bonds eventually saving the. township 700,000 of dollars. They’ve also submitted grant applications for Marshallton Thorndale porthouse intersection with possible future plans including a roundabout.  In addition, the township will begin to remodel and expand their administration building in 2021. 

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